Nobody likes a car crash no matter how serious or minor it may be. While modern automobiles are much lighter, safer and have far better gas mileage than in the past, the cost of repairing bodily damages too has increased significantly over the years, because of the manufacturing methods used today. In this article, we will discuss about a few relatively less-serious vehicle damages that will require you to spend your savings on repairs and replacements to get the car looking the way it used to before the unfortunate incident.

Extensive paint damage

Accidents that cause these kinds of damages are usually not fatal, however, if some messy driver decides to drive a little too close by you during traffic and makes a daunting turn towards you, the impact will certainly leave a visibly jagged scar on the body of your ride. To repair such a damage, not only will you have to spend on expensive enamel paint and a paint job, but also on accident repairs Grovedale to get the surface back to its original state. If yours is a luxury vehicle and you are forced to go for a top of the line paintjob, the whole thing might cost you about $7000 and make you break the bank.

A dented bumper

The purpose of the bumper is to act as barrier that prevents or minimizes the damage caused when the vehicle comes into contact with various structures such as poles, trees or large rocks. But when damages, this structure too can be quite difficult and expensive to repair or replace, especially in the case of newer high-end cars. A relatively old sedan bumper can be repaired for a couple of hundred dollars with ease. However, if you were driving a new sports car when the accident happened, smash repairs and paint redo together might even set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

Suspension damages

Suspension of your vehicle absorbs a large portion of the shock it experiences when driving down the road and prevents you feeling this shock at all times. Without a properly functioning suspension system, not only will you feel uncomfortable every time you run over small bump on the road, but the internal components of the car will also get damaged due to over exposure to intense shock. It is estimated that a complete suspension replacement can often times cost as much as $5000 which is way too much a price to pay for some reckless driving. This is mainly because of the many components and parts that make up the suspension system which can all get damaged in the case of a serious accident.